Sony Digital Master Videocassette 276min

  • 276 minute professional tape designed for mastering
  • Highly flexible and convenient media, enhancing compatibility between camcorder and VTR
  • Improved drop-out figures
  • Superior stability
  • Dramatic improvement in wear resistance
The Sony Digital Master Videocassette 276min is designed for any mini-DV or DVCAM camcorders or VTRs. It’s the only professional videotape with not one, but two 100% active magnetic layers for 90% fewer errors than consumer DV tape. Because video error correction is so good, errors are sneaky. Even as the errors accumulate, you’ll think you’re fine. Your first sign of trouble can be a dropout that can break up the image on a one of a kind take. So why risk it all– When it comes to your creative vision, demand DigitalMaster tape.
  • Digital master videocassette is a professional tape designed for mastering and is also highly flexible and convenient media, enhancing compatibility between camcorder and VTR.
  • AMEII metal evaporation technology has been used to improve the packing of grains inside the magnetic layer, increase tape retentivity (Br) and output as well as achieve better C/N and error ratios
  • Quality control has been enhanced following a complete review of the production process, resulting in improved drop-out figures.
  • Diamond-like Carbon protective layer on the tape surface—a dramatic improvement in wear resistance—has been achieved, resulting in reduced head wear.
  • A lubricant ensures low friction and reduced head stain. With superior stability, tape damage is minimized.
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