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Schneider Optics 4 x 4" Filter Kit (Consists of Neutral Density (ND) .9, Black Frost 1/2 and Circular Tru-Polarizing Filters)

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  • 4 x 4" Circular True-Pol
  • 4 x 4" Black Frost 1/2
  • 4 x 4" ND.9 Filter
Circular Polarizer: This is by far the most effective polarizer for motion picture and television cameras. Having an extinction ratio of ER 374, the Schneider True-Pol is 12- times more effective than other polarizing filters, and is unmatched in its ability to:

  • Reduce glare and unwanted reflections
  • Saturate colors
  • Deepen blue skies
  • Improve contrast
  • Penetrate haze

  • True-Pol Polarizing filters enable you to achieve a level of optical performance previously unavailable to cinematographers. The polarizing film in a Schneider True-Pol filter is laminated between two pieces of Schneider's crystal-clear, water-white optical glass. The filter is protected against edge-chipping and delamination by Schneider's unique Edge Seal, which also effectively reduces edge-reflections and flare. The absolute clarity of the glass combined with advanced polarizing material make True-Pol filters particularly effective on demanding scenes, as when shooting through windshields in rigged-cars. On such shots, Directors of Photography have found that Schneider True-Pol filters capture more color saturation, wider tonal range and much more contrast inside the car. Like all filters in the Schneider line, True-Pol filters are precision polished to the highest possible standards, meeting the most demanding specifications for optical flatness.

    Black Frost 1/2: These filters flare highlights, mute colors, and tone down contrast, while retaining rich blacks. This is a very useful combination of effects for 16mm and 35mm film, as well as for HD and standard video. These are primarily styling, or mood modifying filters. Depending on the grade chosen, they subtly enhance a scene without degrading the image quality or black saturation.

    Black Frost enables cinematographers to capture blacker blacks than are possible with similar types of filters. Black Frost filters are made using a remarkable, new diffusion technology, to achieve a unique image styling that can be applied freely, without fear of having scenes appear "heavy-handed." Black Frost filters contain thousands of MicroPore particles, which introduce precise amounts of light diffraction while controlling stray light and flare. They are the result of proprietary Schneider design and manufacturing techniques that refine and calibrate the embedded diffusion particles in ways that have not been used before in filter manufacturing.

    Black Frost filters provide an array of precisely sized particles that control the degree of diffusion in a predictable and repeatable manner. By solving the problems of excessive light scatter and veiling glare associated with similar filters, Schneider Black Frost filters make possible a higher level of control and convenience.

    As with all Schneider Optical Glass filters, Black Frost filters can be used in front of long lenses, singly, or in combination with any other Schneider filters, to make combinations that provide an even greater range of control.

    ND.9 Filter:  Schneider Neutral Density (ND) .9 filters are designed to control exposure or depth of field under various lighting conditions without affecting color or contrast. (3 Stop loss)

    • They permit the use of high-speed film (i.e. Kodak 5298) in bright lighting conditions
    • They diminish distracting backgrounds in a scene by permitting the use of wider apertures to reduce depth of field as required to throw the background out of focus while maintaining focus on the subject
    • They allow you to control the amount of light reaching the film without relying solely on the lens aperture

    Unlike other brands, Schneider ND filters are a neutral gray, achieved with laboratory precision. Each filter is made of two pieces of Schneider's crystal-clear optical glass, which allows for the transmission of the absolute truest possible attenuated light. To prevent edge-chipping and delamination, these filters feature Schneider's unique Edge Seal.

    Schneider ND filters are manufactured in a full range of densities (strengths), including the popular ND.3, ND.6, ND.9 and ND1.2, which provide exposure reductions of one, two, three and four stops, respectively.
    In the Box
    • 4 x 4" Circular True-Pol
    • 4 x 4" Black Frost 1/2
    • 4 x 4" ND.9 Filter
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