Delkin SensorScope DSLR/Mirrorless Camera Travel Kit

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  • (1) SensorScope Inspection Device
  • (1) SensorBulb Air Blower
  • (15) SensorSafe Cleaning Wands for 16mm Sensors
  • (1) 0.25 oz. Bottle of SensorSolution
  • (1) SensorCloth
  • (1) Travel Bag
  • (1) Cleaning Guide
  • (1) Limited Lifetime Warranty

The Delkin SensorScope DSLR/Mirrorless Camera Travel Kit helps protect your CMOS or CCD sensor, by ensuring clear, contaminant-free images with the included debris clearing devices. This kit provides the safest, most effective removal solution for moisture and dry particles that may have accumulated on the sensor surface. All the items come assembled in a compact, travel-friendly bag, making it ideal for on-the-go photographers and videographers.

True 5x magnification and 4 ultra-bright LEDs provide total focused illumination of your CCD or CMOS sensor, enabling quick, easy and precise inspection before every shoot. The patented design is universally compatible with every DSLR & mirrorless model and brand with a predetermined focal length for an accurate evaluation without adjustments.

SensorBulb Air Blower
Safely remove dust, dirt or small abrasive particles from the sensor chamber and surface with just one puff of air. Made from a durable silicone rubber, the blower provides a continuous stream of clean air and is designed to prevent air from backing up into the nozzle, clogging and redistributing dirt.

SensorSafe Wands
Clean oils, condensation, pollen and other chemically adhered debris from the sensor surface with these custom-sized, doubled-sided wicked sensor wands. Each wand head is wrapped in soft, lint-free sterile fabric that’s been specially designed for coated and non-coated small frame CMOS and CCD sensors. Under the fabric’s surface, each wand head is wicked to absorb excess fluid and prevent over saturation during cleaning. Includes (15) 16mm individually sealed SensorSafe® Wands.

This streak-free low residue formula is scientifically engineered to safely break down stains, oils and chemically bonded debris on the surface of DSLR & mirrorless image sensors and low pass filters when used in conjunction with SensorSafe® Wands. The non-conductive alcohol-free nature of the solution makes it the safest formula for use with electronic devices and components and air travel friendly.

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