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Featured Products

CShell CD Cases These clamshells have always been one of our top sellers.

Slimline Polybox CD packaging that looks just like a standard slim jewel case, but is unbreakable.

Slimline CD Cases The industry standard. Black, white & clear.

Assembled Jewel Cases – Classic CD packaging option made of crystal-clear polystyrene.

Most Popular Items
 Standard CD Jewel Box
 JVC/Taiyo Silver CDs
 Standard Black DVD Cases
 Slimline CD Jewel Cases
 Original CShell
 Slimline Polybox
 JVC/Taiyo Silver DVDs
 Economy Polybox
 12 Disc, 2 Ring Binders

CD Sleeves  
sleeves and envelopes for CDs & DVDs CD sleeves and disc envelopes are the most flexible and inexpensive CD packaging options available. Find CD sleeves made of poly, vinyl, paper, paperboard or Tyvek. Disc sleeves for two ring binders are also available.
Polypropylene & vinyl CD sleeves
Poly & Vinyl (Short Flap)
Find polypropylene and vinyl CD sleeves from Univenture and other popular manufacturers of plastic CD sleeves.
paper CD envelopes with short flaps
Paper Sleeves (Short Flap)
Paper CD sleeves are one of the most versatile and inexpensive disc packaging solutions available. Polyline carries a variety of colors and styles of CD sleeves, including traditional paper CD sleeves, sleeves with bind-in tabs and CD sleeves that can hold two discs.
plastic CD binder page (two hole)
CD Binder Sleeves
CD/DVD binder sleeves - available in poly, vinyl, and all-fabric - are in stock and ready to ship the same day. Many of Polyline's 2-ring binder sleeves have additional holes to fit traditional three-ring binders as well.
Tyvek CD / DVD Sleeves
Tyvek sleeves are bright and silky smooth, providing a distinctive look and feel that can help set your CD or DVD apart from the competition. Tyvek is also moisture resistant, which means your CD sleeve can withstand the elements or a spilled cup of coffee.
vinyl CD envelopes with pouch flap
Vinyl Sleeves (Pouch Flap)
Find vinyl CD / DVD sleeves with a full flap that functions as a pouch to hold literature. These vinyl CD sleeves are a compact and inexpensive way to package your disc and literature.
polypropylene CD sleeve - no flap - for use with automatic loaders
Poly Sleeves (No Flap, Flush-Cut)
These poly CD sleeves have a flush-cut opening that make them optimal for use with automatic loaders. Choose a poly CD sleeve made of petroleum-based polypropylene or corn-based Bio Poly.
flush-cut paper CD sleeve- no flap, no window
Paper Sleeves (No Flap)
These low-cost paper CD sleeves have a flush-cut opening for easy insertion. Because these CD sleeves have no flap and no window, they are perfect for printing your promotional offers, contact information or other artwork.
Tyvek CD envelope with no flap
Tyvek Sleeves (No Flap)
Flush-cut Tyvek CD sleeves are lighter than paper CD / DVD sleeves but much, much stronger. CD sleeves with a flush-cut top make disc insertion easy.
vinyl cd sleeve - no flap, uneven opening
Vinyl Sleeves (No Flap)
These vinyl CD sleeves have an uneven edge for easy opening, which makes them ideal for hand-loading. The look and feel of a vinyl CD sleeve give it a higher perceived value than other polymer CD sleeves.
cardboard CD sleeve - short flap
Cardboard Sleeves (Short Flap)
Cardboard CD / DVD sleeves (sometimes called paperboard CD Sleeves) provide more protection for your disc than paper CD sleeves. The short flap helps ensure your CD or DVD stays inside the sleeve, even during shipping.
paperboard sleeves (no flap) for CDs and DVDs
Cardboard Sleeves (No Flap)
Made of 8pt paperboard, these cardboard CD sleeves (without flaps) protect your discs better than paper sleeves. Choose between a cardboard CD sleeve flush-cut opening for autoloaders or a CD sleeve with an uneven opening for manual insertion.

  Quick Look at CD Sleeves View all CD Sleeves
   Cardboard (Even opening, Window)
   Cardboard (Uneven Opening)
   Cardboard CD Sleeves (with Window)
   Fabric CD Sleeves (Non-Woven Fabric, 2-Disc)
   Flush-Cut Paper CD Sleeves
   Paper Sleeves with Peel-and-Seal Flap
   Paper Sleeves with Windows
   Poly CD Binder Sleeves
   Poly CD Sleeves
   Polypropylene CD Sleeves
   Tyvek CD Sleeves (No Flap)
   Tyvek Sleeves (with Window)
   Univenture CD Sleeves
   Univenture Safety Sleeve (Poly)
   Vinyl CD Binder Sleeves (1-Disc)
   Vinyl CD Binder Sleeves (2-Disc)
   Vinyl CD Sleeve
   Vinyl CD Sleeves (No Flap)

More CD Packaging Options:

CD Cases, boxes and trays  CD Cases  
Standard CD cases are the most popular CD packaging option, while polypropylene clamshells offer inexpensive alternatives. Polyline has CD cases available in a variety of styles, colors and materials. Choose one of our preassembled CD jewel cases for convenience or purchase your jewel box and CD tray separately to save money.
Plastic bags for CD cases  Plastic CD Bags  
Clear PVC bags help protect your CD packaging from moisture, grease and dust. Add the clean professional appearance you want in your point-of-sale CD packaging.
jewel cases for 3 inch discs  Mini Disc Cases  
Packaging solutions for your Mini CD or CD Business Card.
adhesive-backed vinyl & poly sleeves for CDs & DVDs  Adhesive CD Sleeves  
Adhesive-backed sleeves for CDs and DVDs will adhere to a variety of surfaces. This is the perfect CD packaging option for companies that are including a CD or DVD with a book or manual. There are many styles to choose from, including sleeves with a tamper evident seals, re-sealable and sleeves with no seal at all.
foam and plastic CD hubs  CD Hubs, Buttons or Dots  
CD hubs (or "CD dots" or "CD buttons") are another flexible and inexpensive CD packaging option. CD hubs adhere to paper, plastic, SBS board, cardboard and vinyl. There are excellent options for combining a CD with a book, manual or album.

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