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Xendata X2500-USB Digital Archival Work Station for LTO-6

Xendata X2500-USB Digital Archival Work Station for LTO-6

Item # XD-205014
XenData # 205014
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Product Detail

The X2500-USB is an LTO-6 archive system that connects to notebooks and workstations via USB 3.0. The system includes an external LTO-6 drive and XenData6 Workstation management software. It is ideal for storing video, audio and image files on high capacity LTO cartridges. The solution runs on 64 bit Windows 8.1 or Windows 7. For Mac users, the system is compatible with both Boot Camp and VM Fusion.

The X2500-USB is extremely easy to use: all file archive and restore operations are made via copy and paste or drag and drop. The system is fully compatible with 2.5 TB LTO-6 and 1.5 TB LTO-5 cartridges and saves files to LTO using either LTFS or TAR industry standard formats. The system can manage an unlimited number of LTO cartridges and provides almost infinite storage.

When using the LTFS format, the cartridges written using the X2500 are interchangeable with many third party applications. XenData’s LTFS brings significant advantages compared to basic LTFS implementations, including:

  • End to end Logical Block Protection which verifies the integrity of the file written to LTO in real time
  • No interleaved file blocks when archiving multiple simultaneous files for better data integrity and faster restores
  • Faster file restores because the XenData6 Workstation software restores files in tape order
  • An ability to browse or search for files including those that are offline
  • An ability to run reports that provides tape content and file search information even for offline LTO cartridges
  • A robust capability to restore files from cartridges after misuse such as a power failure to the LTO drive while writing.

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