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Sony XDCAM Pro Disc - PFD23A - 23.3 GB - 2.4x - Single Layer - 90 minute

Sony XDCAM Pro Disc - PFD23A - 23.3 GB - 2.4x - Single Layer - 90 minute

Item # SO-PFD23A
Sony # PFD23A/3
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Product Detail

Sony XDCAM Pro Disc (PFD23A) single layer recording media is a 5 inch (12cm) rewritable optical disc capable of recording 23GB. By achieving a track pitch of 0.32ìm, with state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and by utilizing blue-laser technology, the disc media can attain high density recording more than 5 times (23GB) or 10 times (50GB) than that of a DVD (4.7GB) using red-laser technology.

The professional optical disc is a very flexible platform on which an assortment of data in a variety of formats can reside. The use of optical disc technology eliminates the restrictions inherent in proprietary tape footprints, and allows a variety of different video formats to be recorded using the same disc. It handles information as `data files`, and is therefore extremely flexible as to what can be recorded to it. In addition to video and audio streams, you can record a variety of metadata, such as date/time/location information, scripts, low resolution video and audio, etc. And the amount of metadata you record is completely up to you, since the information does not have to reside on a limited, predetermined area of the disc.

The nonlinear nature of the professional optical disc alone provides tremendous benefit when handling audio/video content. When a recording is played back from the disc, its physical location on the disc does not impact the time required to access it. Recordings can be accessed in a fraction of the equivalent time taken to access information on tape, making it much easier and faster to locate source material. This is the beauty of random access, and all Sony PDW Series products are equipped with powerful features - delivering innovation to all your programming operations.

Optical discs have a natural advantage since they suffer no mechanical contact during recording or playback, making the format ideal for continuous use and re-use. Professional optical discs are also highly resistant to dust, shock and scratches, packaged in an extremely durable and dust-resistant cartridge. They are resistant to heat and humidity, and are X-ray resistant - factors that make the professional optical disc ideal for use in harsh field environments, and also allow for long media life and long-term storage.

  • PFD-23 DVCAM Mode - 85 minutes - 25 Mbps
  • PFD-23 MPEG IMX mode - 68 minutes - 30 Mbps
  • PFD-23 MPEG IMX mode - 55 minutes - 40 Mbps
  • PFD-23 MPEG IMX mode - 45 minutes - 50 Mbps

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