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Featured Products

Primera Bravo SE Disc Publisher – Bravo SE is ideal for producing light to medium jobs - up to 20 discs at a time.

Epson Discproducer CD/DVD Publisher – With its rugged, compact all-in-one design, dust-proof case and minimum number of moving parts, Epson’s Discproducer delivers high performance, fast throughput and top reliability.

ILY's SpartanPro Disc Duplicator Tower – Spartan SATA series operate as stand alone units. Pro features in a user friendly package.

Most Popular Items
 Standard CD Jewel Box
 JVC/Taiyo Silver CDs
 Standard Black DVD Cases
 Slimline CD Jewel Cases
 Original CShell
 Slimline Polybox
 JVC/Taiyo Silver DVDs
 Economy Polybox
 12 Disc, 2 Ring Binders

Automated Publishers  
disc publishers (duplicators and printers in one) Disc duplicators and printers all-in-one from Microboards®, Primera® and Epson®. Free shipping on all disc publishers.
Blu-ray Publishers
Burn and print to Blu-ray discs. Blu-ray publishers can also copy and print DVDs and CDs.
DVD Publisher Systems
Automated DVD Publisher Systems can be used to copy and print both DVDs and CDs.

  Quick Look at Automated Publishers View all Automated Publishers
   Disc Producer Blu-ray Copier/Publisher
   Epson Discproducer CD/DVD Publisher
   Microboards CX-1 Disc Publisher
   Microboards MX Series of Disc Publishers
   Primera Bravo 4100 Series Blu-ray Publishers
   Primera Bravo 4100 Series Publishers
   Primera Bravo SE Disc Publisher

More Disc Publishing Equipment Options:

Color inkjet printer from Microboards Technology  CD / DVD Printers  
Print custom, full color labels directly to your CD, DVD or Blu-ray disc. Polyline carries CD and DVD color printers from top manufacturers, including Microboards, Primera and Rimage. Choose from inkjet and thermal disc printers in a variety of capacities – all with free shipping direct from the manufacturer to you.
disc duplicators  Duplicator Towers  
Create copies of CDs, DVDs and other media, quickly and easily with premium duplicator towers from Mircroboards® and ILY®. Free shipping on all duplicator towers.
 Copy Protection  
inkjet cartridges for CD/DVD printers  Ink Cartridges  
Inkjet cartridges for Microboards, Rimage and Primera disc printing equipment
thermal ribbons for CD/DVD printers  Thermal Ribbons  
Thermal ribbons for disc printers from Rimage and Primera
 Rimage Media Kits  
Come pre-assembled with the right amount of printing supplies for the discs included in the media kit.
 Extended Warranties  
Find extended warranties and service agreements for favorite equipment from Polyline.

Polyline offers free shipping on all our duplicators, printers and all-in-one media publishing systems, which are shipped directly from the manufacturer to you. Need help developing your in-house publishing system? Call one of our media publishing experts at 1-800-701-5865.


Disc Media Publishing Articles:


Polyline Introduces DVD-R Copy Protection from Three of Our Top Equipment Manufacturers

At Polyline, we like to think of copy protecting your DVDs as being the equivalent of locking the front door of your house or apartment. Sure, someone can kick in the door or smash a window if they really want to get in, but the likelihood of your house being robbed is greatly reduced by the simple act of locking your front door. Read about Copy Protecting DVD-Rs.

Epson Announces Cost of Ink Usage for Epson DiscProducer

Epson recently added information to its Web site regarding the estimated cost of ink used to print disc labels. The estimates should give Polyline customers a better understanding of their ink-related costs if they were to purchase an Epson Discproducer. Read more about Epson Discproducer's Ink Usage.

7 Common Disc Publishing Problems and What You Can Do

Everything worked perfectly the last time you used the machine, but now everything has gone haywire. You glance at the pile of brand new discs at your elbow and assume that must be the culprit. What do you do? Read the solutions to 7 Common Disc Publishing Problems.

8 Questions to Ask before Buying a Disc Printer or Publisher

1. What am I doing right now? Take a serious look at your workflow. If you are currently producing discs in-house, think about what you like about your current system and what you don't like. This will provide you with a list of features that are important to your organization. Read other questions to ask before buying your disc printer or publisher.

Can my LightScribe laptop really print CDs? Yes, your LightScribe enabled lap top really can print CDs. Read more about the pros and cons of LightScribe burners.

Why am I getting such high failure rates on my duplications? Read about the most common cause of failed burns and how to fix it.

How Can I Save on Ink Cartridges? What you need is a disc with a smoother surface and will require less ink. Read how choosing the right disc will help you reduce ink cartridge consumption.

How Do I Stop My Discs from Sticking Together? Read ways to stop discs from sticking together when using your disc publiser.

How many disc publishers can you daisy chain together? The term daisy chain refers to the serial connection that connects towers to one another: Tower One is connected to Tower Two, which is connected to Tower Three, and so on. The benefit is you can duplicate a large number of discs from a single master – even if you linked together 100 towers. Read how many towers can be realistically daisy chained together.

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